Saturday, November 2, 2019

The risk of being a diabetic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The risk of being a diabetic - Essay Example enal functioning, the working of the liver as well as visual problems and vascular changes which may predispose a person to fatal conditions like atherosclerosis. This paper aims to achieve the following three objectives of briefly explaining: There are two types of Diabetes i.e. type on and type two. Diabetes mellitus type one presents with weight loss and the patient complains of increased thirst, hunger and urination. The patient develops low blood glucose levels often and ketosis is also seen in them. As the patient is not able to produce insulin within the body, the only treatment option for them is the intravenous administration of insulin to control the levels of blood glucose. Insulin pumps can also be used for the delivery of insulin within the body. In diabetes type 2 the disease progresses with the loss of responsiveness of the tissues of the body to insulin. That is they become resistant to the effect of this hormone and hence the metabolism of glucose is altered. The increased levels of insulin and high blood glucose levels alter the functioning of the beta cells which initially respond by increased secretion of the hormone. When this affect does not show a significant result there is loss of function of the beta cells. Diabetes becomes an even more dangerous disease in its latter stages when it is not being controlled. If early treatment of diabetes is not done in some cases it is seen that amputation is required. By amputation here it is meant that an organ has to be cut off from the body. If the person does not control diabetes it can also lead to heart failure or a heart attack. At times it is seen that diabetes leads to the blockage of vessels in the body. Diabetes can also effect sensitive organs of the body such as eye. It can form a cataract in the eye because of which the vision of an individual is impaired. Diabetes is a slow poison as it slowly affects the person’s metabolic processes. It is necessary that an individual controls it and

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