Monday, November 18, 2019

Older parents and younger parents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Older parents and younger parents - Essay Example Arguments for younger parents focus mostly on the biological aspect of motherhood and the aspect of the biological clock is often invoked. A middle path is often more suitable with no norm being set that would miss the whole point of individual freedom. One of the main points that are used against older parents is their inability to handle the cognitive aspects of mental illness when it happens in children. This severely limits their ability to handle instances where their children are affected by mental ailments (Cook, et al.). There are however, advantages of being an older parent. In many cases, older parents have resources of financial and mental kinds that are useful and sometimes even essential for the purpose of parenthood. The stress that one goes through during parenthood can thus be eased to a great extent if one is independent and able to manage one’s finances on one’s own. Older parents are also considered to be more comfortable with each other and hence able to offer a better environment for the child. Older parents would thus not need to compromise on their marital quality so as to have a child (Needham and Umberson 439). This argument is similar to the feminist argument that an older woman would be emot ionally and financially readier for a child. This would also reduce the chances that a parent would suffer of regret that a parent may suffer in relation to his or her career. The feminist argument in this case is stretched to include fathers who are then seen to play an equal part in parenthood and in the development of the child. Older fathers and mothers are then seen to be more mature and hence better for the future of the child. The child is then seen as not a product of merely those factors that are hereditary but also those of nurture. In such a framework, nurture is what is considered, according to this view, more important. Younger parents are sometimes not considered to

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