Monday, November 4, 2019

Should Animals Be Hunted (E.G. Commercial Big Game Hunting, State Essay

Should Animals Be Hunted (E.G. Commercial Big Game Hunting, State License Hunting) - Essay Example This essay stresses that the issue of animal hunting is still a debatable one. However, some issues as seen in the discussion above need to be taken care of soon. The issue of hunting exotic animals, such as lions, tigers and elephants for trophy should be put to an end. The problem with hunting exotic animals is creating a market for poachers where hunters are willing to pay huge sums of money in order to get a chance to kill for game. This has the effect of endangering some species, specifically elephants and rhinos that are hunted for their tusks. Therefore, heavy prison terms and fines should be introduced to discourage exotic animals from being hunted. In case nature has been unable to control the population of particular species in a particular place, introduction of predators can be effective. However, if predators are not effective in reducing the population, wildlife managers should give out hunting license to allow hunters to reduce a specific number of overpopulated animal s from specific species. This paper makes a conclusion that hunting of animals is a practice that should be discouraged by governments worldwide because it contributes to the extirpation, extinction, and endangerment of many species. In case the animals overpopulate beyond nature’s control, the wildlife managers of animal parks should provide license to hunt only a specific number. In conclusion, the preservation of animal species will depend on the government introducing heavy prison terms and fines to discourage this hunting practice.

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