Saturday, February 15, 2020

Scan of Emerson, American Scholar and Factory Life As It Is Assignment

Scan of Emerson, American Scholar and Factory Life As It Is - Assignment Example an amendable constitution, which can be revised by the people as they please, is a political innovation that guarantees peace and happiness through self-governance. James Winthrop, a public official from Massachusetts, emphasized on the importance of the constitutional Bill of Rights. In reference to theoretical frames of politics, Winthrop asserted that systems of government belonging to the majority have inherent tendencies to disregard fundamental rights of the minority. Majority rulers exert tyrant principles upon minority subjects (Winthrop, 269). In order to safeguard the fundamental freedoms of the minority, Winthrop opposed the federal ratification of the constitution. Winthrop maintained that ratification of the constitution would consolidate constitutional powers to tyrant majorities, thus threatening the self-governance of American states. In order to prevent governmental despotism and usurpation against citizens, Winthrop proposed that the Bill of Rights should remain an essential constitutional component. With respect to the principle of representation, David Ramsay favors proportional representation of citizens in deliberation assemblies. Ramsay stated that proportional representation is a miniature form of communities; hence the representatives have interests and feelings of the majority (Ramsay, 268). On the contrary, James Winthrop opposes the concept of proportional representation. According to Winthrop, proportional representation does not guarantee preservation of minority rights against the wanton use of numerical tyranny by the majority (Winthrop, 269). Instead of proportional representation, Winthrop says that laws should be made by local officials who can establish immediate contact with their

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