Sunday, February 2, 2020

Film review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Film review - Essay Example Special treatment comparable with the best humanitarian attitude was noticed from the actions of Stephanie LaFarge and Laura Ann Petitio towards Nim. Once even Stephanie LaFarge decided to breastfeed Nim as she did to her other human children. To my mind, this step evidences that Nim was delivered the most favorable treatment than one can imagine. Stephanie had been brought Nim up for approximately 18 months. As ordinary human children, Nim also was wearing nappies, became sometimes vulnerable and needed to be fed. Nevertheless, he was treated as a human baby. The author finds interesting the experience used by one of Nim’s teacher – Joyce Butter. If Nim misbehaved, Joyce bitted his ear. And this kind of treatment helped people connected with Nim to be successful with him. Upon this behavior, Nim knew his place and understood that this person was more powerful that he was. At the same time, Nim respected people who bitted him. And if one let the weakness to be shown, Nim noticed it and at his earliest convenience exploited that. Despite the favorable treatment towards Nim described above, I would like to note some situations that shocks me a lot during the whole documentary. Nim likes to smoke pot and drink beer. I kindly understand that experiment provides that subject should be taught with the majority of skills; however drinking beer is not useful one. Simultaneously, to teach Nim with sign language, Dr. Terrace organized sessions during which graduate students taught Nim signs in a windowless room at Columbia University. From author’s point of view, this behavior should not take place at any case. Nim, as a living creature, shall has right for the proper attitude and duties towards him in form of responsibility. The author asserts that people involved in the experiment were responsible before Nim on what the primate received and what he

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